Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Look...

I just changed the look and feel of my blog :) .Looks great right? The page looks elegant and feminine now. One of my team mate forwarded the link to Pratima Jayaram's blog. The blogger uses a template powered by Final Sense. Navigating to the website, I found out that it is dedicated to provide variety of services. One of them is the free blogger templates. Clear steps are mentioned for using the template in blog. However the steps given are for blogs supported by I don't know if they support LiveJournal or Wordpress. You can check it out. There are various categories in the templates like 3-Column, Animal, Architecture etc. I browsed through some of them and found this one to be good. This one is from the 'Women' category.

Note: Better save your current template before you migrate. The custom titles which you might have added will not be migrated to the new template. I underwent this and found that the blog roll list which was maintained is lost with the previous template. I have to add it once again :(.

That's one part of the change. Apart from this I have changed the url of the blog too.
The new blog url is The previous url is no longer valid.
The reason for this change?. Well, I really don't know. Just felt like changing and going underground for next couple of days. Moreover anonymity brings certain privileges you see :).

The blog renovation does not end here. I would like to plugin some more features site hit counter, feeds, messenger, shout box etc. Let me see how it goes. Thats all for now.
Btw.. I would like to thank Suresh, my team mate who forwarded the link to Pratima's blog and my supervisors for not assigning me any task for day. Without them I would not have been able to renovate my blog. ;) See you soon. Till then, take care.


Sadhana said...

Hmmm nice changes!! First time I saw this outlook changed to Dhanya's blog :)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

thank you for visiting my blogspot. i liked the look of you r blog:)
will be here more often:)

Suresh S. a.ka. Suri said...

Hi Poornima,

Great to see the new template on your blog. The look and feel is pretty good. If you want comprehensive reporting of your blog visits, try Google analytics. It is very good. Gives you an exhaustive report of all the traffic to your blog.

Happy blogging:)

Shruthi said...

Good team members :)