Saturday, November 3, 2007

One year in IT industry.

I recently completed one year in IT industry. I am recollecting my experiences as a fresher a year ago. Frankly I don’t know what to say. Shall I say that I have matured as an individual or shall I say that this exposure has brought me face to face with some truths of life.. I joined this software firm as a campus recruit. To some extent I knew what to expect as a fresher.Still, other facets were unknown. Anyways I coped up with this transition. I wont mention the regular training schedules and the induction into project which followed, as most of you might be familiar with this phase. But I would like to mention few things that I learned as a professional/individual. Some of them are…

--> When given an opportunity to do challenging things, do accept it. In the end what matters is not whether you execute the task successfully or not but whether you handled it well with responsibility. There is always scope for people who take responsibilities.

    • Have the humility to take responsibility for failures.
    • Don’t rely on people every time. Help yourself whenever the need arises. Have the courage to explore solutions beyond limitations.
    • A ‘Yes’ can mean a ‘No’. But a ‘No’ always means a ‘No’.
    • Whenever offered help don’t reject it.
    • Learn to hear between words and read between lines. This will help in anticipating crisis.
    • Have lots of patience as there are many dumb people here.
    • Be humble enough to learn things.
    • Apart from that you need to have the regular stuff, communication skills, presentation skills, networking skills and blah blah..

There are few other changes that have impacted my personal life as well.

    • I have become an addict to chat engines gtalk and yahoo. Trying desperately to kick this habit J. My work place provides me with free internet (chat) usage. This explains all. Hey, I do work. It is just that I cant concentrate on work if I am not online… (Hope my PM is not reading this :D) Well this don’t reply to pings if I am busy.
    • You lose touch with your mates and close friends from your college. This happens if you are not staying together or when you don’t meet during weekends. Meeting during weekends is out of question as you are occupied with other things ;) . Initially you keep in touch through mails/chat/phone calls, eventually this practice will fade away. Gradually they will be too busy to reply to your mails or you will be too busy to notice their messages (will write about this in a separate entry).
    • You get into habit of checking mails every now and then.
    • You eagerly wait for weekends .

Hmmm… looks enough for now. It is really hard to summarize the changes of one year in one page. Well, I did my best. This is all for now...

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Rohit Ranganathan said...

totally agree wit u

Suresh S. a.ka. Suri said...

Hi poornima,

I had been think on the point you made about not been able to find time to meet friends and keep in touch with them as time passes by. I had posted something similar a while back here.