Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A typical matrimonial conversation

Reporting a matrimonial conversation between two Konkani Maayi's during my annual trip to native:

Maayi 1: That girl's horoscope matched it seems. But there is one small problem. She is elder to the boy by 2-3 months.

Maayi 2: Aiyoo... That doesnt matter these days. I have seen girls marrying guys 2-3 yrs younger to them. Times have changed..

Maayi 1: Hmmm... let them decide then. (Turning towards me) Hey are there any good amchi girl in your firm?(She asked as if I had the list of all the people at my work place.) My xxx's son is a MBA and works in blore. He is preferring a software girl who is working in blore.

(I give them a million dollar smile.)

Me: There might be some. But I hardly know them.

Maayi 1: Let me know if you come across any.

Me: (Smile again) Sure. I will call you if I get to know any such girl.

(Continuing with the conversation...)

Maayi 1: Hey did you come across any profiles for XYZ. Poor thing they are not finding a suitable match for her. She says that she is OK with any handicapped guy but he should be educated. She is a MA in Sociology you see so she expects her future husband to be at least a graduate and employed.

Maayi 2: No... I am not finding any suitable profiles for her. The last one(guy's profile) was crippled but wasn’t educated. He was rejected.

(Turning towards me)

Maayi 2: XYZ is a innocent girl. She had done MA in Sociology. But she has a small problem. Her one/two nerves to the brain are slightly twisted so she takes slightly more time to respond to things. This apart, she is able to carry out all her daily routines independently without any one'e help. She even did her post graduation in a big city like YYY. She says that even if the guy is a handicap she is OK with it. But he has to be a graduate and employed...

Does your firm employ handicap people?(I knew what was coming...) Do you know any handicap person eligible for marriage? (I was right :). I dont know any handicap person at my work place.)

Me: They do employ. There are very few. But I don’t know them.

Maayi 2: Let me know if you come across any such profile.

Me: Sure. I will let you know.

Maayi 2: It would have been better if she had loved any guy and married... (BINGO... this was unexpected)

Maayi 1: Yeah, I agree with you. At least it will relive us of the tension. They are trying to get her married and nothing (guys) is coming by. I don’t understand why don’t such people fall in love. The normal ones fall for people from other caste when we don’t want them to do so. This girl can at least start looking around.

Maayi 2: She is not that type of girl ma (‘that type’?, I didn’t understand what type… but didn’t feel safe to ask). Hmmm… Anyways let us pray that all goes well with her.

(Turning towards me) Hey are they looking for you at your place? (Finally, I am their target L . I give them a BIG smile.)

Me: Yeah, they are.

Maayi 2: What type of guy do you prefer? (Aaaaahhhhhhh… Please spare me...)

(Another million dollar smile from me.)

Maayi 1: May be you need a guy who is a software engineer settled in blore. Isn’t it?

(I didn’t answer. I gave a BIG smile. Just then something caught their attention and the conversation digressed to some other topic. I was spared at last… Phew!!!)

Demise of C Ashwath and Vishuvardhan

Kannada actor Vishnuvardhan died early this morning. This was another shocking incident which followed singer's C Ashwath's death yesterday :( . Let them rest in peace...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Venting out

For past 2-3 days, I have been experiencing frustration and anger. Frustrated because I could not do anything but wait. And anger because I did not expect something like this from a person, whom I had trusted. All I could do was to request repeatedly. I anticipated some positive response from the person at the other side. The person kept giving me assurances. At times I felt like I am hearing to a politician making false promises. But I had no other choice but to oblige. When you cannot meet your commitments, it is better to keep things open instead of pretending. How could you play with some one's future.

Ps: This is not a love story :).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My new photo blog

I have started a new photo blog. Click here to visit.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day before full moon day

The moon looked lovely today. Tomorrow being the pournami (full moon day), the moon today was brighter than usual. The sun had set and the sky was getting dark. I caught the sight of the moon while returning from Khana Khazana (had been there to meet Ash and Sady). As soon as I reached home, I grabed my camera and clicked some snaps. Here are they:

The moon looks bright in the sky whose color seemed to be in a correct tone complimenting the moon's brightness.

Here the moon is playing hide and seek with the clouds. Note the color of the sky getting darker.

The sky got darker and the moon hid itself behind the thick clouds. I wanted to take a snap of the moon with the dark sky in the back ground, but the moon didn't show any sign of coming out of its hideout and I ended my photo session with this last snap.

Thats all of now. Please do not forget to comment :)

Ps: The snaps were taken with Canon SX 110 IS

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What would you call this??

Some months ago, my roomie (and friend) Rupa happened to give me a Korean movie. The plot of the movie was good. However there was a small issue. The movie was segregatted into parts and there was only the second part of the movie available with her (she had misplaced the movie copy somewhere and in the process happened to delete the first part :D). Hearing the storyline I couldn't resist and watched the movie. The movie was good and I started hunting for the movie online and CD / DVD shops. I badly wanted to watch the first part you see. Well, I couldn't gain much success as I didnt know the name of the movie. In course of time I got busy with life and forgot his episode. Two months ago Rupa left PG. Last week the vacancy was filled by another girl. Two days ago when we were chatting, I came to know that she owned a small movie collection. While browsing the collection, she referred a movie to me. I played it and guess what??? It was the same Korean movie which I was searching desperately. And this time the whole movie was there for me to see. Well, the name of the movie turned out to be, 'My little bride'.

I dont know whether it is Paulo Coelho's mantra from The Alchemist or The Law of Attraction from The Secret which fulfilled my small wish :). Do you think it was co-incidence?
What would you call this? Do let me know...

Thats all for now. Loggin off to have my dinner. If you happened to stop by, do comment.
God bless!!

Links: My little bride, The Secret, The Alchemist

Ps: The movie is good. Do you watch it if you get the copy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bing vs Google

I was trying the new search engine released by Microsoft. I searched for my blog name in both the search engines and here are the results.

Search name:

Google: 355 (the results seemed relevant)
Bing: 1

(Refer images below)

It took me some time to digest results shown by Bing . More ever it said '1-1 of 2'. With such glaring mistakes I wonder how they have released this as BETA. One thing is for sure, Bing has a long way to go to establish itself as a matured search engine.

That's all of now. God bless !!

Ps: Google is about to release Chrome OS. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hum Paanch

This entry is dedicated to my group (Shru, Prags, Ash, Sady and me). We met on May 30 at Shru's place in Mysore after a long gap of an eventful year This post is dedicated to all of us. Kudos to us, we surely rock. Waiting eagerly for the next meet.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kukkarahalli Lake

I spent today’s evening with Rupa at the Kukkarahalli lake, here in Mysore. To those of you who don’t know, Kukkarahalli lake is one of the most beautiful lake in Mysore. Kuvempu, the great poet of Karnataka was known to come here for a walk. The lake comes under the jurisdiction of University of Mysore. Rupa stays nearby to the lake and enjoys the privilege to visit it more often than me. Here are some snaps of the lake.

We walked along the perimeter of the lake gossiping and enjoying the cool breeze. You can always find few health conscious people on jog along the lake. There were few others who sat and enjoyed the serene surrounding. Sometime ago a crocodile used to inhibit the lake and people who went fishing used to be cautious, don’t know if it is still there and I didn’t spot it today. At one point in time, Mysore used to be famous for lakes. Thanks to the urbanization today there are only few of them left and Kukkarahalli lake is one of the beautiful among the existing ones. This lake happens to be the perfect place to spend your lazy evenings. If you happen to visit to Mysore make sure to spend a evening here. That’s all for now.

Pepper Rice

Last week my parents had been to native to attend a Grihapravesham. Hence on arriving at home on Saturday, the onus to cook for the day had been on me. The breakfast was taken care in a nearby restaurant. Mom had saved few curries in fridge, so the noon’s meal was taken care of as well. For dinner, we were running short of sambar, I didn’t want to prepare anything fresh as we were only two people and what ever prepared would somehow remain the next day. There was huge amount of rice from the noon’s meal. I decided to try a simple recipe suggested by Vidhya, my friend. It turned out to be tasty. Here it is:

  • 1 tsp Cumin seeds (Jeera)
  • 1 tsp Black pepper
  • 2 tsp Ghee or butter
  • Finely chopped carrot, capsicum and beans (if desired)
  • Salt to taste
  • Cooked rice

The amount of pepper, cumin seeds and ghee will vary depending on the rice. Heat the cumin seeds and black pepper in a pan. Powder them and keep aside. In the pan heat sufficient ghee or butter add the chopped carrot, capsicum and beans. Fry them till the rawness subsidizes. Add the cumin and pepper powder and stir the vegetables for a while. Add salt to taste. Lastly, add the cooked rice. Stir the rice till it blends properly with the contents in the pan. Add ghee, pepper or salt if need be.

Serve hot.

Try it and let me know. If you like the recipe thank Vidhya not me.

That’s all for this entry another one coming in few more mins till then God bless.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Linux on USB drive

Recently installed Linux Mandriva on USB hard drive. I didn’t want to compromise my system hard drive for a Linux partition. Two things that needs to be kept in mind before installing Linux on USB hard drive:
  • 1. Make sure your have selected the first boot option as USB drive in BIOS settings. This change is required when you are done with the installation procedure. Most of the systems these days provide this option. Well, atleast my Dell Inspiron does :).
  • 2. You might want to partition your hard drive and may install Linux on one of the drives. Please make sure that you install the Boot loader in the first partition irrespective of Linux installation. You will be provided with an option during the installation procedure.
  • 3. For detailed installation procedure for Linux please refer Google. You will find many links.

A snapshot of KDE with transparent console (sorry, Konsol as they call it) is attached here. It is convenient have Linux on a USB drive, trust me. Try and let me know how it goes. Well, that's all for now. Take care and God bless!!