Sunday, July 19, 2009

What would you call this??

Some months ago, my roomie (and friend) Rupa happened to give me a Korean movie. The plot of the movie was good. However there was a small issue. The movie was segregatted into parts and there was only the second part of the movie available with her (she had misplaced the movie copy somewhere and in the process happened to delete the first part :D). Hearing the storyline I couldn't resist and watched the movie. The movie was good and I started hunting for the movie online and CD / DVD shops. I badly wanted to watch the first part you see. Well, I couldn't gain much success as I didnt know the name of the movie. In course of time I got busy with life and forgot his episode. Two months ago Rupa left PG. Last week the vacancy was filled by another girl. Two days ago when we were chatting, I came to know that she owned a small movie collection. While browsing the collection, she referred a movie to me. I played it and guess what??? It was the same Korean movie which I was searching desperately. And this time the whole movie was there for me to see. Well, the name of the movie turned out to be, 'My little bride'.

I dont know whether it is Paulo Coelho's mantra from The Alchemist or The Law of Attraction from The Secret which fulfilled my small wish :). Do you think it was co-incidence?
What would you call this? Do let me know...

Thats all for now. Loggin off to have my dinner. If you happened to stop by, do comment.
God bless!!

Links: My little bride, The Secret, The Alchemist

Ps: The movie is good. Do you watch it if you get the copy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bing vs Google

I was trying the new search engine released by Microsoft. I searched for my blog name in both the search engines and here are the results.

Search name:

Google: 355 (the results seemed relevant)
Bing: 1

(Refer images below)

It took me some time to digest results shown by Bing . More ever it said '1-1 of 2'. With such glaring mistakes I wonder how they have released this as BETA. One thing is for sure, Bing has a long way to go to establish itself as a matured search engine.

That's all of now. God bless !!

Ps: Google is about to release Chrome OS. I am keeping my fingers crossed.