Friday, June 19, 2009

Hum Paanch

This entry is dedicated to my group (Shru, Prags, Ash, Sady and me). We met on May 30 at Shru's place in Mysore after a long gap of an eventful year This post is dedicated to all of us. Kudos to us, we surely rock. Waiting eagerly for the next meet.


Shruti said...

Hey Poori,

Thats sooooo sweet ! :)
Miss u all a lot ! :(
Waiting to see u all in Feb again ! :)

Sadhana said...

heyy poori sooper!! Great charcoal effect!! :) It was nice meeting that day ... :D

pragathi said...

Heyy thats a great poster that you have created. It was really a memorable day :)

ashwini said...

so this is wat u were doin tat day ;)...tumbha chennagidhe poori! :)..nice memories alva!