Sunday, January 10, 2010

MindTree Carnival

This post will not be verbose as the usual ones. :) Enjoy the visual descriptions.

Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Center, Tumkur Road
Date: 02 Jan 2010
Occasion: MindTree 10th anniversary celebration

The entrance to the venue...

Dollu kunita at the entrance

Lamp and the floral display

The carnival being inaugurated by Ashok Soota...

Hands with Mehendi, applied by an artist at the carnival

Swaratma band performing on the stage

Drunjam: an attempt to create a world record in progress... People gathered were given percussion instruments and they had to play it according to a rhythm.
Of course there were others to guide. There were around 7000-8000 people gathered in the hall.

Drunjam: set of instruments that were used by me and Anu during the event.

The stage from a distance.

Another show by Edmundo, the illusionist

Fireworks: the last event, lasted for about 20 mins

Last but not the least, my caricature drawn by an artist

That's all for now. Till the next post, God bless.


Arun Shanbhag said...

thank you for sharing these pics. Very nice! and loved the caricature as well.
Was this at mindtree consulting? you work there, I assume?

Best wishes for sankranti!

Poornima Prabhu said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah, I work for MindTree Consulting, Bangalore. :)
Hope u enjoyed Sankranti...

Uj said...

Hey Poornima,
Very nice pics dear.. Love all your pics.