Monday, May 14, 2007

Nothing but abstract...

Nothing new is happening these days. It is the same old routine. Waking up early in the morning, going for a walk and doing bit of work out, getting ready to catch the company cab, work for 8.5 hrs, then back to the heavenly abode, read for a while, wash clothes, have dinner and hit bed. Sometimes life becomes too mechanical and monotonous. You wait and wait for something exciting to happen. It is not that there are no new events happening around you. You don’t see the newness in these events. Yet there are days when nothing is happening and you are excited about something unknown. You see freshness in every trivial thing. Anything that is least important, interests you. May be all these abstract feelings can be attributed to the age factor. When life comes across a plain phase with no ups and downs, it is better to change the perception of seeing things. It is better to make some effort to see freshness in every trivial thing we do. Then no matter what life becomes exciting.

Time for me to return to work. :)

By the way this entry is dedicated to Sadhana and Ankit. :)

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Sadhana said...

hey poori thanks for the dedicated
post. :)

I'll surely give my opinion in this regard. When life becomes mechanical n nothing interesting, its in our hands to make it different n interesting. I've tried it many times. It works. When life is too mechanical, to come out of that routine I'll plan for some trip, trekk etc. Ofcourse hang out with you ppl (ash, shru, prags n u)
simple na.. Atleast for me.. think!! :)