Monday, May 30, 2011


It is been a fairly a adventurous journey so far. It seems strange and unreal that life has dragged me here to this corner of the planet. 10 yrs ago I would have never even dream t that I would here doing whatever I am doing(;)). Cutting the philosophical crap, I am currently in Seattle. I liked the city the day I landed. Lots of water bodies everywhere and yes, lots of bridges and sail boats :).

Took this picture from the park at the Gas Works in Seattle. Took this from my cell phone camera. I could not zoom enough. The park is near to my apartment and it takes around 5 mins on the bus.

This is another picture of the Gas Works park as seen from my apartment. A perfect place to laze around with a book on a sunny day. Planning many more visits to the park and I hope that the sun makes it appearance more frequently (it has been cloudy and overcast for most of the time and they say that it starts to get sunny towards the end of June). Thats all I have for now. Hope to update the blog more frequently(I admit that I have not been giving the required attention to the blog these months). God bless.


markus said...

Great photos. Love the skyline.

mike dovan said...

so pretty. looks like a great place to use my vaporizer for weed.

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